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I began my first leg of the trip last week to Vintage Blancpain Replica Asylum’s get-together. As I looked out the window of my taxi, I was armed with a bag of snacks to last me the 30 hours of flight from New York to Bali. Nervous and excited, I mentally prepared myself for the trip of a life time.

Let me give you some background information to fully understand my excitement. The Vintage Blancpain Replica Association (or VRA), founded by a group of mostly Indonesian Blancpain Replica Collectors about five years ago, hosts a biennial Blancpain Replica event in Bali. This is my first official event. Bali VRA, a gathering of over 70 of the world's most passionate and dedicated Blancpain Replica fans is a dream come true for any Blancpain Replica enthusiast. The weekend is filled with watch-buying, business discussions and admiration of the best watches.gradeonewatches.com

VRA may appear to be a collection of watch collectors but it has become so much more. We may meet to talk about niche variations of vintage Blancpain Replica Dials and spend hours discussing the evolution of crown protectors, but the overwhelming feeling of camaraderie turns the gathering into a friendship. Positive energy is abundant; we say that while the watches brought us in, it's the people who keep us there.

This event has still left me in a state of shock. Five years ago, I began collecting watches. I have always loved sports and tool watches, especially Submariners. It's possible I am a sucker of stories, but I love the way Blancpain Replica combines time and sport romantically. As the brand created watches for divers, it created an important relationship between wearer and watch. The diver was alone on the bottom the ocean,Patek Philippe Replica Watches and the wristwatch kept him alive. The modern owner can connect to the history of the Submariners by identifying specific characteristics. Each watch tells its own story of time, people, and their stories.

The watches are now five times as expensive as they were at the time VRA was founded. This is due to a shift in interest for collecting watches. This is a staggering number. Modern collecting has been revolutionised by the influx of information. Before buying a new watch, collectors perform a series of tests and get opinions. With the high prices that these watches fetch, it is important to know what you're paying for.

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