Making a Difference!


DIGANO is able to deliver the following services:

Service and Project Management

  • Managing small to medium projects
  • Helping creating various business related documentation, including:
    • Policies
    • Process descriptions
    • Procedures
    • Workinstructions
    • Job descriptions
    • Plans
    • Workflows and diagrams
  • Conducting
    • Assessments
    • Reviews
    • Meetings
    • Presentations

Web Design and Web Development

  • Advice on how to setup and maintain business websites
  • Troubleshooting people, process and technical web-related issues

Development and others

  • Normalizing datasets
  • Using various database related technologies to transform data into its ultimate wisdom state


  • Providing advice on how to get optimal value from the Microsoft Office suite
  • Helping creating project schedules using Microsoft Project
  • Using Visio to create infograms
  • Using Access to develop and maintain datasets
  • Supporting the use of Lync, SharePoint, SharePoint Designer, and InfoPath to improve business collaboration and communication
  • Helping creating documents using Publisher
  • Developing and maintaining scripts using the VBA language
  • Supporing organisations making better use of PowerPivots, Power BI, and other emerging Power technologies

"Curiouser and curiouser..."


  • Advising organisations on how to make better use of the various products and technologies that Adobe has to offer
  • Developing e-Learning modules using Adobe Captivate and related technologies
  • Shooting and editing pictures, video and sound to support business objectives

And again, if it's not listed above, it doesn't mean DIGANO can't provide it. Delivering a service basically means tuning to the needs of the customer whilst understanding its objectives, its products/services, its clients, and its constraints (time, budget, quality).

"To infinity and beyond, a wee bit further, and then some..."