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August 2017:

"Curiouser and curiouser..."

Well, the world is still spinning and the Universe is still expanding, and that's pretty exciting news just by itself considering the fact that the whole Universe popped out of absolutely nothing, and looking at the total energy of the Universe (exactly zero), we aren't even supposed to exist (after all zero energy equals zero mass). Take that for a piece of exciting news.

Also... where previously the observable Universe was thought to hold approximately 200 billion galaxies, this has now been upgraded to at least 2 trillion!

So, here's something to think about. If the observable Universe contains 2 trillion galaxies, and each galaxy contains roughly 200 billion stars and each star is orbited by say on average 10 planets, then our tiny blue planet Earth and all its complex lifeforms is just one of ...


... planets. That's a 4 folllowed by 25 zeros, yes a whopping 25 zeros!

Observable Universe: the light of many galaxies will never reach us, because they're moving away with a speed "greater" than light.

July 2017:

Did'ya know (DIGANO) that thousands of classic books have been made available through the Gutenberg project? Check out the following website, and be happily surprised:

"To infinity and beyond, a wee bit further, and then some..."